Surf Club

 The Surf Club meets every Saturday and Sunday at 11am for 2 hours of surfing and training.

kids surf club

Just as a young person would go to a football or gymnastics club, Longsands Surf Club offers youngsters aged from 6 to 18, the opportunity to improve their surfing skills. We would like to have a dedicated number of members who could advance their surfing skills, become extremely water confident and remain motivated to surf throughout the winter months.

If possible and if needed we will extend the surf club and training to include some evenings after school.

If surf god Huey gives us waves, training will be a quick briefing & warm up and then we'll begin surfing with personal tuition & guidance. This will be done by being in the surf with club members, giving praise and correction. If the surf is flat then we'll opt for some training. This will be surf & body core fitness on the beach followed by water training, i.e. paddle races, swimming, diving and general water safety & confidence.


Please call or text 07503028897 to book in or use our booking form.