At Tynemouth Longsands Surf School, we operate a surfing school and kids surf club from Tynemouth Longsands beach.

Beginner surfing lessons from age 6 to 60, our aim is to progress you onto enough confidence so you can hire surf gear and eventually buy your own surfboard and surf the world.

Our surf lessons run everyday, Saturday and Sunday at 11am and 2pm and weekdays to suit you.

Our Kids Surf Club runs every Saturday and Sunday at 11am. Age from 6 to 18.

Please call/text 07503028897 to book or book in online.

Our surf instructors are RLSS qualified beach lifeguards and I.S.A. (International surfing association) or Surfing England surfing coaches. They are all D.B.S cleared.

For complete beginners, our friendly & encouraging coaching style makes our lessons the perfect start.

All equipment is supplied however you will need to bring a towel & some warm clothing.

Longsands surfing school Tynemouth

Our lessons consists of the following elements:

  • Introduction

  • Equipment issue & getting into your wetsuit (which is a lesson in itself at first) 

  • Beach & water safety

  • Description of board and leash

  • Beach demonstration of surfing and correct entry into the sea

  • Warm up followed by entry into the sea

  • Catching a wave and correct prone position on board (lying down)

  • Water confidence building

  • Correction and praise

Once everybody has successfully caught waves and felt the surge and rush of a breaking wave we exit the water together. Next on the beach we demonstrate paddling your board, correct hand & foot position and the hard bit, standing up (on land). The class then have a go at paddling and then jumping up to the standing position on their board, this also tells us if they have a natural or goofy stance (Surfy term for left or right foot forward). We then all enter the sea and begin to catch waves and start stand up surfing.

The minimum lesson age is 6 and the session normally lasts around 2 hours.If you have had a couple of lessons before and need a bit of guidance or you have your own board and need a few pointers, we can offer you an intermediate session.

We are fully insured and copies of our risk assessments, NOP’s (normal operating procedures) and EAP’s (emergency action plans) are available upon request. Longsands Surf School is a registered business with North Tyneside Council.